Welcome to Assist Hygiene. The home of own brand hygiene wipes.

Assist Hygiene is a UK based manufacturer of hygiene products; primarily specialising in the design, development and production of wet and dry wipes for industry.

At Assist we aim to keep our manufacture process simple and efficient from start to finish, a format we have taken into this website. You will find all of the information you need about our products and services with just a few clicks. If you have any questions, you will find many of them answered on our FAQ page. Alternatively, you can drop us an email or give us a call with any other queries.

Assist Hygiene stands out from the crowd.

No other hygiene product manufacturer can offer a package like Assist Hygiene, but what makes us different?

  1. - Realistic minimum order quantities (MOQs) - Bespoke products without the crippling numbers.
  2. - In-house design and print - We have cut out the middle man so our designers work directly with you.
  3. - We embrace change - Products are made to order so can evolve from one delivery to the next.
  4. - Key strategic partners - Access to unique materials, fluids and packaging companies across the UK.
  5. - Discretion - Manufactured 100% own brand with no mention of Assist Hygiene on your products.
  6. - Flexibility - We can produce anything form 10 units to 10,000 units and beyond.

20 years experience in the wipes industry.

Experience and expertise are key when it comes to developing your new product. Our team combine their vast knowledge in the hygiene industry from the initial design stage, through to expertly finished goods. Whether it is technical advice about which materials and fluids will best suit your customers or marketing support in the form of posters, email flyers or even a dedicated website; Assist Hygiene works with you to achieve the best results for your products every time.