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You have sourced all of the necessary components for your new and innovative hygiene product, conducted your market research and targeted potential customers. The next step is to produce the product for market. The problem, however, is two-fold; time and space.

Assist Hygiene can offer a solution to these key obstacles to market. We work with you to organise delivery of your components to our warehouse, quickly and effectively convert the components into finished goods, before sending them to your desired destination, palletised and ready for distribution. This gives you the time to concentrate on other key aspects of your business without the hassle that comes with taking on huge overheads to manufacture your products.

Why choose Assist Hygiene to pack for you?


Assist has contract packed for some of the biggest names in the hygiene industry. In doing so we have been able to streamline each individual process to best suit the customer’s requirements. We are able to use our experience to set up an efficient process that fits in with your specific demands.

If you require any assistance when choosing your materials and components, Assist Hygiene can help you source products from our strategic partners across the globe.


With dedicated wipes production lines and bottle filling stations, Assist is able to pack a variety of different products. If you have a fluid you required filling, be it a cream, gel or foam, Assist can tweak the production procedure to suit your particular product needs.


We give each contract pack job its own unique production code and the finished products have batch numbers so you can trace any finished products back to its components, production time and specification.


Assist Hygiene aims to turn your order around within 10 days. We provide nationwide delivery by experienced and reliable couriers and can arrange for direct export and provide all necessary export documentation if required.