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What does Assist Hygiene do?

Assist Hygiene manufactures hygiene products. It specialises in the design, development and production of wet wipes for industry. The full range of available products can be found by clicking here.

Can Assist Hygiene produce own brand products?

Yes. Assist Hygiene manufacture fully customised own brand hygiene products. We are able to tailor every component to slot straight into your current branding. You can find more details by clicking here.

Can Assist Hygiene use my solutions?

Yes. If you have an established product formula we are able to convert it into finished goods, be it impregnated onto a wipe or filled into trigger sprays.

Are my products manufactured confidentially?

Yes. Assist Hygiene takes all necessary steps to ensure that the production process for your products is secure. The Assist Hygiene brand or contact details have no connection to your product.

I don't have a brand, can Assist Hygiene help?

With extensive design knowledge and an inhouse design team, Assist Hygiene is able to build your brand with you. Assist can provide brand logos, product packaging design, even a fully customised website dedicated to your new products.

What are the minimum order quantities (MOQs) for product?

Each product has different MOQ levels, so it is best to contact us for specific order quantities. However, we always aim to keep MOQs as low as possible to help you get your product to market with limited exposure.

Can Assist provide product samples?

Yes. However, every item that leaves Assist Hygiene is specially manufactured to order, including samples. We want you to receive the product as it will be if you order from us, so we produce prototypes that reflect exactly what you'd expect from a final delivery.

I don't want own brand products; is there a brand I can buy?

Yes. Assist Hygiene has its root in the a/ex range of products. These products are available to you with little or no customisation at all. More details can be found at our sister site by clicking here.