Build your product with Assist Hygiene in just four simple steps.


Once we have discussed the technical requirements for your product, including the application of the wipe, wipe material, pack size, pack quantity, box and pallet quantities, desired fluids etc., we set out to combine them with a 100% unique packaging and label design which slots perfectly in with your current branding and existing product range.

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Our in house design team work from scratch with every new product, building the design to best suit your requirements. It will be your logos, your company branding and, most importantly, your product. There is no mention of Assist Hygiene anywhere on the finished article.

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Speaking of finished articles... Within 48 hours you can expect to receive a sample product which reflects exactly how the product will arrive when you place your first order. In most cases we are able to build exact prototypes which you can hold, use and analyse, allowing us to tweak the product design to ensure it is ready to go into full production.

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Your designs are complete; when you’re happy, we’re happy. We aim to have your fully customised hygiene products delivered within ten days of placing your first order, so you can begin targeting your customers with your new products. No other wipes manufacturer can boast such a fast and effective turnaround.

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